Tech Tour

Data & AI: bringing intelligence in the factory


A “Tech Tour” is a technology showcase to stimulate and facilitate the discovery of new emerging technologies, built together with large tech companies and innovative start-ups. 

Every organisation can make faster and better decisions using Big Data and Artificial intelligence. Through these technologies, people can feel empowered obtaining valuable information and insights that led to strategic decisions. The most advanced companies are already implementing these technologies into their processes as they’ve recognized the benefits.

During this Tech Tour, Lucia Chierchia, Managing Partner @ GELLIFY, Ernesto Mininno, CEO & Founder @ Cyber Dyne, Stefano Da Col, CEO and Founder @ Analytics Network, Marco Tatti, Managing Director @ Magyc and Claudio Berti, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer @ GetCoo will showcase their technologies.


  • 1. Ernesto Mininno will present Kimeme, the first and only flexible and intuitive on-demand software platform for optimization in multi-industry applications. Because of it, you can find the best possible solution to achieve your goals. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, applied to sophisticated optimization algorithms, you will reach new levels of efficiency, saving time and resources
  • 2. Stefano Da Col will explain how data can drive your business decisions through real case studies
  • 3. Marco Tatti is an expert of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for industrial applications in precision measuring and detection of mechanical properties of materials
  • 4. Claudio Berti will show us how to use Image Recognition in order to automatically identify objects and defects in the factories.

The attendees will be able to “touch” with their hands these technologies and see how they could be beneficial for their own companies.


18.00 – 18.30 – Check-in

18.30 – 18.45 – Opening remarks with Lucia Chierchia

18.45 – 20.00 – Tech Tour

20.00 – 20.30 – Networking

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Date: 4 luglio 2019
Time: 18.30 – 20.30
Location: Phygital HUB, via Isonzo 55/2, Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

In collaboration with

Ernesto Mininno

Ernesto Mininno

CEO and Founder  @ Cyber Dyne

Stefano Da Col

Stefano Da Col

CEO and Founder @ Analytics Network

Lucia chierchia

Lucia Chierchia

Managing Partner @ GELLIFY

Marco Tatti

Marco Tatti

Managing Director  @ Magyc

Claudio Berti

Claudio Berti

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer @ GETCOO