Speedy Workshop & Tech Tour



Every organization dreams a bulletproof shield for their network. Today this dream is a reality! Solutions of industrial grade informatic components secure the company network, both for the production line and for the offices.

Cisco is an expert of cyber security and has developed solutions allowing to:

– protect intellectual property, plant assets, and production integrity with converged-access security products, technologies, and services and

– unify security implementations for IT and OT environments


During this Speedy Workshop, Lucia Chierchia, Managing Partner @GELLIFY will guide participants in the understanding of CISCO’s cyber security technology and the designing of valuable use cases leveraging Open Innovation models.


The event will be also an inspiring journey through use and experimentation of advance technologies. During this Tech Tour, Lucia Chierchia, Managing Partner @GELLIFY will showcase CISCO’s cyber security technology.

– You can expect to see how Cyber security can be applied on real use cases and the benefit of implementing this technology within your organisation.

– You can identify the key building blocks to design the best configuration for your company and business.The attendees will be able to “touch” with their hands these technologies and see how they could be beneficial for their own companies.


Why you should attend:

-You will be able to identify how to apply cyber security within your company

-You will be able to understand if there are gaps of competences and technologies that prevent the implementation of cyber security solutions

-You will be able to draft an execution plan in order to fill the gaps

-You will be able to see how Cyber security can be applied on real use cases


Who is this event for?

CIO, Head of IT, Head of Manufacturing, R&D Managers, Engineers, Innovation Managers, Operations Managers.


*The event will be in italian

Date: 17 october 2019
Time: 9.30 – 16.30
Location: Phygital HUB, via Isonzo 55/2, Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

In collaboration with

Lucia chierchia

Lucia Chierchia

Head of I4.0 and Open Innovation @ GELLIFY