Speedy Workshop & Tech Tour

Augmented Bodies: wearables to empower people in every day life


Innovative wearable technologies help people decrease stress and effort while performing manual activities, repetitive movements or day-to-day activities, creating an augmented body. Exoskeletons can support part of the body, such as upper or lower limbs, in order to reduce physical stress in industrial application. On the other hand, augmented reality provides punctual and useful information, exactly when the operator needs them.


During this Speedy Workshop, our professionals will guide participants into the understanding of wearable technologies and how they can be applied into your business.


We will create various tables to allow interaction and engagement among all the attendees, who will also have the opportunity to experiment GELLIFY proprietary methods and tools.

Each table will be focused on a technology domain, either exoskeletons or smart glasses, and the participants will share their companies’ challenges in order to understand how such technologies can address them. To maintain the focus, each table will be composed by a small group of people (around six participants), one technological expert and one i4.0 facilitator.


Why you should attend:

  • You will be able to identify how to apply exoskeletons and augmented reality solutions within your company
  • You will be able to understand if there are gaps of competences and technologies that prevent the implementation of exoskeletons and augmented reality solutions
  • You will be able to draft an execution plan in order to fill the gaps


Who is this event for?

 R&D Managers, Engineers, Innovation Managers, Operations Managers.


* The event will be in italian

Date: 2 october 2019
Time: 9.30 – 16.30
Location: Phygital HUB, via Isonzo 55/2, Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

In collaboration with


Andrea Ivaldi

Manager of Product Marketing @ Comau

Antonio Squeo

Antonio Squeo

Chief Innovation Officer @ Hevolus

Giuseppe Colombina

Giuseppe Colombina


Matteo Cavalieri

Matteo Cavalieri

Founder @ Immersio

Mauro Coccoli

Mauro Coccoli

Technical Manager @ Univet

Alessio de Gaetano

Alessio De Gaetano

Business Development Manager @ Eyetechlab

Nicola Vitiello

Nicola Vitiello

Founder @ IUVO