ceo @ co:cubed


Jeremy has built his career by helping large corporates define and build their future organisation. Through
CO:CUBED, he works with some of the worlds largest businesses to re-think their organisational approach to
innovation and helping them build and execute their collaborative innovation capabilities. Prior to launching
CO:CUBED, Jeremy spent 13 years at Unilever where he was responsible for launching and then leading the
Unilever Foundry, Unilever’s platform to engage with startups and innovative companies who can help Unilever
pioneer the future. Through the Foundry, over 1500 of Unilever marketers have worked with over 150 startups,
brining innovative technology and an entrepreneurial culture to Unilever.
Originally Australian, Jeremy’s career has taken him from Australia to New Zealand, Singapore he now resides in
the UK. Jeremy has a marketing and commercial background, with a degree in Accounting & Marketing, he’s CPA
qualified and has an MBA from London Business School.

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